Deep Learning applied to agriculture

Generative AI for weed detection


About Us

We are a committed group of scientists and engineers who are imagining and building a brighter future for agriculture. We aim to generate disruptive models to improve the quality of life of the farmer, applying Science and Technology and conserving the environment.

We develop AI solutions with the following scopes:

  • Selective Spraying
  • AI Applied in Sowing
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics

DeepAgro's potential lies in the possibility of the continual development of artificial intelligence solutions for the farmer. The application of our products ranges from generating weed maps, monitoring crop health, to intelligently combating pests, where reducing the amount of toxic agrochemicals used is of worldwide concern.

Vision: "To be a company of great relevance in the field of AI applied to agriculture in order to create a more sustainable world."
Mission: "To bring the latest AI technologies to solve agri-environmental problems. To be a leader among Latam producers and work with the best AI talent."

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Sprai Selective Spraying


Selective application of agrochemicals in real time

We have developed an intelligent weed detection system to selectively apply herbicides at any stage of soybean crop growth. It allows savings of up to 90% in agrochemicals depending on the amount of weeds present in the lot.


Your Agricultural Data Integration Hub

DeepAgro Ostrich, our SaaS platform, is designed to serve as an ecosystem of APIs. It's your gateway to seamlessly integrate, standardize, and make sense of (real-time) data from your farm or agricultural business, streamlining information from various sources.



Deepagro was born in 2017, where we tried to bring what we learned about AI in the academy to the place where we grew up. Juan Manuel, the first founder, comes from a farming family and by specialising in deep learning, he had a dream of bringing the two worlds together to reduce the use of agrochemicals.

Ivan Regali


Juan Ignacio Cavalieri


Juan Manuel Baruffaldi


Marcos Mammarella


Juan Ignacio Cornet


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We are a committed group of developers, engineers and designers that are imagining and building a smarter future for agriculture. Get in touch and start taking care of the world before it's too late!

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